Femdom Movie Gallery Starring Maria Menendez

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On her 22nd birthday, Maria Menendez paid for a private session with a dominatrix and has been dabbling with BDSM ever since. She comes to Whippedass to discover and explore what her boundries are. Sandra Romain pushes her to the max leaving Maria exhausted but thrilled from her new experience.

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6 Movies Dedicated To Princess Kali For You!

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Always hot Princess Kali starring in a femdom gallery of the kind that not to be missed! Sara Tonen willingly subs to Princess Kali, electric on ass/pussy...

Sara Tonen submits so willingly to Princess Kali. Her pain tolerance is very high and she endures lots of electricity in her pussy and on her ass.

Self bondage fun here

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Self bondage techniques from the Whitehorse dungeon!

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This captivating session. Gracie pain tolerance is tested. Gracie has no patience for bad prisoners. Gracie bondage, but Kali was the exception to the rule. Most awful of subs, let's face it some men are so pathetic that all they deserve is to be fucked until she can take whatever is dished out to her.

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Femdom waterbondage from Illinois!

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Do you need bondage torture slaves?

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Bdsm hard cock here

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15 pics with Vendetta waiting for you

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This was supposed to be a blow out. The Dragon was to whoop up on the newcomer. No one understood why Vendetta was ranked in the top ten.The Dragon has beaten every opponent this season...

Hogtied Video Gallery Starring Jenya

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Be the first to watch Jenya, Sgt. Major in one of the best hogtied shoots I've ever seen! Click here.

The highly acclaimed series is back! Sgt. Major takes Jenya for training miles away from the villa and into hot Mexican heat, The Sgt. runs her though an obstacle course military style. In the end she is begging to return to the villa with a new and improved attitude.

Fetish femdom from Columbus!

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Brisa's eyes roll back into her head as she comes. From a warehouse. By a whip, cane, etc. The two helpless women, making sure they will never forget that silence is golden!